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Fan who lambaste Heart Evangelista in Twitter is just a Poser

I was browsing Heart Evangelista twitter when I happen to come across this alarming tweets. 

ElienarDelaCruz “patay na po si heart evangelista due to car accident. Nag away po sila n daniel s car then ayun” 

She is also responsible in sending death threats to Heart Evangelista;

ElienarDelaCruz “again, binabantaan kta, bubuhusan kta ng asido. Wag kang magmgnda s tv dhl laosan kn at laspag!. I don’t believe for one that this is a Marian Rivera fan coz I happen to browse some of her past twitter posts” 

This ElienarDelaCruz is not just a hater of Heart Evangelista but also Bianca King and Cristine Reyes.

 ElienarDelaCruz to Bianca King

ElienarDelaCruz to Angel Locsin;

 Hate twits to Ms. Cristine Reyes;

And this is when she started to lambast Heart Evangelista in Twitter as Marian Fan daw;

ElienarDelaCruz to Toni Gonzaga;
 And she is back in Lambasting Heart Evangelista in Twitter;

And the worst Tweet from ElienarDelaCruz and very alarming;

Personal Note:
       I think no fan in her right mind will create such alarming tweets. When I do some research about Elianar Dela Cruz I have find out that this account is just a POSER and just uses twitter to malign actors and actresses. At the same time, with her tweets timeline it shows that this person is just not into Marian Rivera, but also other kapamilya stars. “Nagpapaka fan lang ni Marian Rivera to lambast other actress to create more issues”.

Proof that Elienar Dela Cruz is a POSER:

According to Elaine Dela Cruz her real account is in Facebook and that person in Twitter is just a poser…


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