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Jill Scott ROLE PLAYS IT UP For VH1 “Storytellers” Taping

Before she wore this outfit to her afterparty, Jill Scott shut it down for her VH1 "Storytellers" taping at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.  Check out a few pics and what to expect from Jilly from Philly’s intimate performance…

The powerhouse singer, who is now a mom of one, reminded the whole room of why she doesn’t need the flashing lights and choreographed dance moves and theatrics to put on a performance.  Last night, Jill Scott ran through her best songs from her catalog and explained the meaning and purpose of each one, as every artist does for their "Storytellers" show.

Jilly changed her wardrobe to dress the part of each song she performed–a red wig with bamboo earrings and ripped up jeans for "Getting in the Way," a sexy wife in a gorgeous gown for "He Loves Me," a fun loving look for "Golden," and more.  She broke down the lyrics to each song, including "Is It The Way," "Crown Royal," "Come See Me"…and even showcased her opera skills while singing one of the tracks in Italian.

The "Blessed" singer also answer questions from the audience.  The craziest one was the answer to where the strangest place was that she found inspiration for a song? "On the toilet….a song about letting go." Oh!

Jilly was spotted at the afterparty at Ink 48 with celeb supporter Janelle Monae.  Jill’s "Storytellers" premieres May 21st at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

Source: http://www.theybf.com/2012/05/09/jill-scott-role-plays-it-up-for-vh1-storytellers-taping

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