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Justin Bieber Writes Song About Paternity Case ? False Baby Mamma Incident?

Justin Bieber write song about baby mamma Mariah Yeater

Justin Bieber just got done with a special ?Listening Party? in London earlier this week and he kind of let a big cat out of the bag about his upcoming new album ?Believe?.

Bieber told reporters that he has written and recorded a ton of songs, some that won?t even make it onto the new album.

But one song in particular was written about his experience last year with his falsely accusing baby mamma Mariah Yeater who claimed Bieber had sex with her in a bathroom and got her pregnant.

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The whole incident created a worldwide Bieber crisis among his fans, but the claims proved to be false and Justin even took a paternity test to prove he was not the father.

When asked about the possible songs to be included on his new ?Believe? album Bieber said,

?I?ve wrote a song about that girl, Mariah Yeater, who said she was going to have my baby. I wrote about that situation. Every song has a piece of me in it, it’s hard to pick. I wrote almost all of them or co-wrote them. It’s so cool to do different styles and step out of my comfort zone.?

Bieber?s upcoming album is an important one as critics say his days of singing bubble gum pop songs about teenage love are behind him.

?One Direction, The Wanted, Greyson Chance, and a ton of other artists are breathing down his neck. He has to come up with new songs fast. And they have to be a hit or he will get swallowed up by the very industry that made him a star.?

Justin must now step up to the plate with new songs that appeal to adults. No more ?Baby? – as fans seems to be tiring of the 12 initial songs that have brought him this far in his career.

Your move JB.

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