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Molly Sims Gets Honest About Her Birthing Plan

I love it when Celebrity Momsters get their honest on!
Expectant mom Molly Sims lays it all out for Babyrazzi from foods that make her want to barf to the fact that the smell of her own perfume (you DO have you your own perfume, don?t you?!) is less than pleasing.

She also is very honest when it comes to her birthing plan:

?We?re just reading and taking it all in.  I?m definitely going to do a birthing class, which we?re just about to start. I?m going to learn how to breathe and be zen. Or I?ll just get an epidural!? she added, laughing.

?Some people are like, ?You?ve got to go with the pain or you?ll never remember it,? others are like, ?No [expletive] way!??

I read something recently that some mothers are saying that if a mom-to-be isn?t totally committed to the natural birth process that it most likely won?t happen.
I can totally understand that commitment to an ideal is important, but also being prepared for what may happen seems to be good, too.
I went into all my labors hoping for a natural birth, but I responded to the circumstances and I have no regrets about it.
What do you think? Should a mother be totally committed to her birth plan or be open to rolling with the punches (or crazy pain, as the case may be)?


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