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PHOTOS – Justin Bieber Buys $6 Million California Mansion

Justin Bieber’s new $6 Million Mansion in California

On the day that pop singer Justin Bieber?s new single ?Boyfriend? hit number one on iTunes he was also bidding on a new mansion in Calabasas California.

The word got out last month that Bieber was looking to buy a new house near Los Angeles for himself ? and another one for his mother Pattie Mallette.

At one point he was looking at the mansion ?Two and a Half Men? star Ashton Kutcher was renting but it appears that Bieber passed on that bachelor pad.

Here are some pictures of the house Bieber just purchased:

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Bieber’s new pad with pool and 4 fire places
Justin Bieber’s New Mansion
Bieber’s private guest house for Ryan and Chaz

As you can imagine, this house boasts a large swimming pool, separate guest house, four fireplaces, and Justin plans to install all the latest electronic gadgets, a private movie theater, and a kick butt game room for the boys.

TMZ is reporting that the seller was asking around $7 Million and Bieber put in an offer for around $5.5 Million.

What?s a couple million between friends right?

The Daily Mail is confirming the two parties agreed on a $6 Million price tag.

Justin STILL needs to find a new pad for his mother Pattie!

Go get ?em Bieber!

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