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PICS & VIDEO: Cassie Returns To The “106 & Park” Stage To Perform “King Of Hearts”

She’s had 6 years to practice.  And she hasn’t performed on tv since her utter failure of a performance back in 2006 on BET’s "106 & Park."  Check out Cassie Ventura’s do-over on tonight’s episode inside…

Hitting the stage with her signature long hair and shaven sides with a group of energetic dancers, 25-year-old Cassie seemed to improve from her first go-round, relatively speaking.  With a more confident demeanor and voice, Bad Boy’s pretty First Lady performed her new single "King of Hearts" in a taped performance for her Cassie Army in the "106 & Park" audience:

It wasn’t the most vocally strong performance but was pretty good for her.  And the whimsical electro-dance style of the song doesn’t necessarily need powerful vocals.  She seems to have been practicing those dance skills as well.  Wonder if her boo/boss/former backup dancer Diddy led her in a few rehearsals…

Cassie seemed ecstatic to be on stage and told her fans during her interview with host Rocsi, "My fans that are here–they know the vibe and the sound and they really inspired me too. I just want to take a second to thank you guys so much. You have supported me non stop, through and through. And I’m so lucky."

She will perform a 20 minute set and the "King of Hearts" in Spain this summer.  She will be one of the performers during a concert that will see 60,000 people. 

Check out her full interview below:

We’ll update with the video of her performance as soon as it becomes available.

Photog: John Richard Courtesy of BET Networks  


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